Annual Print Rules

Annual Print Competition

Round 4 of the Print League.

A full explanation of the rules can be found in the Reflex Handbook.


The competition organiser has discretion to exclude images if the total entry exceeds 80. He/she will use the members’ rankings on their entry slips to determine the images to leave out, namely image number 4 will be the first taken out then 3rd etc.  Two pictures that differ simply because of manipulation such as cropping, cloning and filtering should be deemed to be one image.

Print League

  • The Print League comprises 4 competitions, John Amey Cup (Print), Vic Cassar Cup (Print), the Carey Roberts Memorial Cup (Print) and the Annual Print.
  • Up to 12 images may be entered in total, either colour or monochrome (4 from each competition). These may be re-entered in the subsequent year’s league subject to the rules of each competition.
  • All images entered into the above competitions will be entered into the Super league irrespective of the total number of images. An appraisement of the number of entries and scores at the end of the season will determine the winner.
  • If there is a tie for either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place the ranking will be determined by the member with the highest number of entries gaining 20 points and if still equal then 19 points and so on.
  • Images entered into a Print league competition may be entered into a digital competition in the same season subject to the rules of that competition.

Images entered into the Annual Print Competitionshould follow the general Print competition rules as well as the rules specific to the print League.

Print Competition Rules:

  • Prints must not exceed a maximum size of 50cms x 40cms
  • They must be mounted on boards of 50cms x 40cms
  • Entries must have a title and the member’s name and/or club number on the back in the bottom left hand corner.

Print League Rules:

  • Up to four images per member, Colour or Monochrome.
  • Any image that ranks 1st, 2nd or 3rd shall not be entered into any one of the above competitions again.
  • Any image entered into any one of the above competitions cannot be used again in the current year but may be used in one subsequent year.
  • Entry in to any one of these competitions will be as an individual entry and part of the league.
  • Images used in a print competition may be used in a digital competition subject to the rules of that competition.

If in doubt about any rules or regulations please contact the competition organiser for clarification.