New Dates and Changes to 2016-17 programme

There has been a few changes to this season’s programme. There are 3 additional dates and 1 change to the programme.


30th March 2017 –

This evening is now our Novice Cup Competition. This is a competition open to all members who have not previously won a Reflex Competition. If you think you are eligible for this competition please let a members of the committee know.


23rd March 2017 – 

This additional evening will be a lecture on Monitor and Printer Calibration.


27th April 2017 – 

Portrait and creative lighting demonstration and lecture by Elisabeth Smith.

25th May 2017 – 

Model Evening – an opportunity to put into practice the lessons learnt above.


The new dates can be found on the updated programme here…

Looking forward to these additional sessions and I hope you can get as much out of them as I will.

Martin Mitchell


An evening of “filters and add-ins” with Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB

Last Thursday Reflex Photographic Club hosted a lecture by Sue Chapman; the subject was “Photoshop filters and plug-ins”.

Sue started with a very interesting talk covering a wide variety of filters; both free and paid for. She explained how to install the filters and gave an explanation of some of the drawbacks and benefits of each.

Sue then  went on to demonstrate a number of filter packages including the free “Google NIK” suite and a number of TOPAZ filters (paid for). It was very interesting to see some of the subtle (and not so subtle) filters in action. It became apparent that these filters can improve an image if used “Creatively, Carefully and Compassionately”.

Last of all we had a brief demonstration of the intriguing “Fractalius” plugin – certainly one I would like to try myself.

On top of this, Sue displayed a number of her high quality prints, including her ARPS panel of subtly  filtered floral images which created quite some discussion.

Overall the evening provided a lot of creative ideas as well as instigating some lively discussion on the subject of “Photography Vs Art”.

Our next meeting 24th November will be our Discovery Day Challenge competition judged by Stephen Carroll ARPS – always an entertaining meeting.

Martin Mitchell

Ross Cup Results 2016

Yesterday afternoon 9 members of the Reflex Photographic club attended the viewing and results of the KCPA Ross cup. It was a good afternoon’s entertainment as we had the chance to view the top 300+ images from 38 Kent Photographic clubs.

It was a real pleasure to see how Reflex has improved its competitive edge within Kent. Last year Reflex came last in this competition; however, this year we came 30th out of 38. This is a great move in the right direction and is a credit to our membership that we can improve our competitiveness.

A special thank you goes out to Jim Pocknell who selected the images for this competition as well as to those members who’s images were entered.

Our results were as follows:

German Soldier by Bert Gilchrist – 18
Spoon Reflection by Ignatius Mauceri – 18
Aldgate Station by Martin Mitchell – 17
Juvenile Robin by Tony Clayton – 17
Blue Smoke by Ignatius Mauceri – 16
Father and Son by Varada Reddy – 16
Courtyard Rouinj by Brigita Amey – 15
Pencil Zip by John Walsh – 13

TOTAL 130 points = joint 30th.

Congratulations to Eastbourne Photographic Society who won the competition with 151 points.

I would highly recommend attending competitions like this one where photographers can get inspiration and ideas for future photography projects.

Thank you to all those who supported Reflex yesterday and hope you had as good an afternoon as I did.

Martin Mitchell

Alex Hare Photography

Last Thursday evening Reflex photographic club had the pleasure of a lecture from Alex Hare. Alex is a professional landscape photographer from Whistable.

Alex’s lecture began with a display of a some of his images, with an informative description of the process behind each shot as well as a description of why he liked it.

The lecture was interspersed with videos taken “in the field” showing how Alex prepared for some of his shots; often showing how the element of luck paid a small part in some shots.

Alex finished off with a discussion of his post processing workflow. Unfortunately there was not time for Questions/Answers.

We hope to invite Alex back next year for more stunning landscape photography….

Check out Alex’s website at:

You can find his blog, discussions and photographs as well as dates for workshops at this site.

Martin Mitchell

Marrutt printing evening.

Last night at the Reflex Photographic Club was a true “print fest”.

We had a superb evening courtesy of John Read from Marrutt, a professional inkjet and paper company based in East Sussex. John started the evening with a brief description of Marrutt’s history from cabinet making, darkroom equipment and finally to the professional inkjet inks and papers that are the mainstay of the companies trade.

This was followed by an informative session on “darkroom style” printing from an inkjet printer. John finished off with a demonstration of the new Pro Photomount system for displaying prints and a Question and Answer session.

The evening was further enhanced by the sale of discounted Marrutt papers and Pro Photomounts, before the official “Black Friday”.

It was also very nice to see so many members from other local Photographic clubs on the night, a chance to speak to other photographic enthusiasts. I hope you found the evening as entertaining as the Reflex members did. I hope we can have similar evenings in the future.


Martin Mitchell