06/02/2020 – Victory Cup Winners

1st place – MERSEYSIDE MARITIME MUSEUM by Martin Mitchell
2nd Place – WILD POPPIES by Ignatius Mauceri
3rd Place – BARN OWL (Tyto alba) 2122 by Jim Pocknell
Highly Commended – CHRISTMAS DECKS by Colin Pillen
Highly Commended – ROSIE by David Tovey

23/01/2020 – John Amey Cup Winners

1st place – TEXTING THE FOURTIES by Ignatius Mauceri
2nd place –  BALLET SLIPPER by Rita Howes
3rd place – LICHEN FLOWERS IN VASE by Rita Howes
Highly Commended – WILD GARLIC by Bert Gilchrist
Highly Commended – DESCENDING INKCAPS by Steve Martin

16/01/2020 – Digital Manipulation Competition Winners

1st Place – TIME FOR YOUR MEDICINE by Elisabeth Smith

2nd Place – THIN LIZZY by Steve Martin

3rd Place – TOP DOG MODEL by Nizar Birch

Highly Commended – HEART OF FLOWERS by David Tovey

Highly Commended – REFLECTION TIME by Elisabeth Smith

19/12/2019 – Small Print Competition Winners

As these are photos of prints we apologise in advance for any light glare that appears on the images.

Black and White : Winner and Runners-Up:

Colour : Winner and Runners-Up:

Carey Roberts Cup 2019/2020 PLR1 – Winning Images

1st place – A CANVAS OF POPPIES by Elisabeth Smith
2nd place – ALONE IN A BIG CITY by Brigita Amey
3rd place – BEARDED DRAGON by Steve Martin
Highly Commended – STAND UP PADDLE BOARDERS by Elisabeth Smith

Highly Commended – BOSPHOROUS BRIDGE by Mark James