Digital Images for Round 4 of the Digital League


Medway Cup 2015 RESULTS

VEIW FROM ROCHESTER CASTLE by Jim Flanagan Tropical flower by Varada Reddy THE MEDWAY RIVER AT LOW TIDE by Jim Flanagan TAXI by Tony Mitchell STREET CLEANING by R Kingman STONEMASON by Tony Mitchell STOAT (Mustela erminea) 5361 by Jim Pocknell (47) SPIRAL STAIRCASE INSIDE THE MONUMENT TOWER LONDON by Jim Flanagan SPINNING WEB by Janice Anderson SNOWDROP by John Amey CPAGB Sleeping Teal by Martin Mitchell Rochester castle with reflection by Martin Mitchell RESTING BLUE by Tony Mitchell REFLEXSIONS ON THE MEDWAY by Jim Flanagan RED SQUIRREL (Sciurus vulgaris) 5515 by Jim Pocknell (47) PUFFING PUFFBALL by Tony Mitchell PUFFIN (Fratercula arctica) 3963 by Jim Pocknell (47) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PINK ROSE by R Kingman past the point of no return by James Campbell On The Rocks by John Walsh Night Life by Varada Reddy Neon Le Mans by John Walsh MOTHERLY LOVE by Victor Cassar CPAGB MONASTERY, MT ATHOS by Brigita Amey OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA MEDWAY RIVER AT AYLESFORD by S Kingman MACEDONIAN TIARA C4TH CENTURY BC by Brigita Amey LONE TREE BESIDE THE AEGEAN SEA by John Amey CPAGB LONDON TOWER POPPIES by Ignatius Mauceri LEEDS CASTLE by S Kingman KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA JAPONICA CHAENOMELESE by Brigita Amey HOVERFERRY by R Kingman GIRAFFE by Ignatius Mauceri GALAH IN GUM TREE by John Amey CPAGB KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Framed Orchid by Martin Mitchell Framed Flower and Vase by Martin Mitchell FIGHTING FOR FOOD by Varada Reddy festival 3 by James Campbell festival 2 by James Campbell festival 1 by James Campbell FADED ROSES by Ignatius Mauceri DESERT ISLAND DISC by Brigita Amey DEER by Ignatius Mauceri CRUISING ALONG by Janice Anderson Buoys by John Walsh BODIAM CASTLE by R Kingman BLUE WATERS by Janice Anderson BARN OWL (Tyto alba) 1109 by Jim Pocknell (47) BARBARY APES, GIBRALTAR by John Amey CPAGB apposite by Varada Reddy AFTERNOON SUNSHINE, GILLINGHAM Park by Janice Anderson Adjusted Roses by John Walsh