Picset 2Picset 2


JUDGE:- Date:- 23/10/2014
Posn Title and Author Score
1Contemplating a long career  by   Martin Mitchell20
2A rest and a cuppa  by   Martin Mitchell20
3CAPITALISM  by   Ignatius Mauceri20
4TUBA BELL  by   John Amey CPAGB19
      =Lips  by   John Walsh19
      =LIPS  by   Varada Reddy19
      =GRAVESTONES  by   Ignatius Mauceri19
      =Old Door  by   John Walsh18
      =punting  by   James Campbell18
      =IN FULL FLOW  by   Tony Mitchell18
12THE STOUR  by   Brigita Amey17
      =REFLECTIONS IN A TUBA  by   Brigita Amey17
      =OPEN FOR BUSINESS  by   Brigita Amey17
      =HE'L BE ALONG SOON  by   Tony Mitchell17
16IT'S BEEN A LONG NIGHT  by   Tony Mitchell16
      =The Guitarist  by   Martin Mitchell16
      =MAKING BUBBLES  by   John Amey CPAGB16
      =CANAL RIDE  by   Varada Reddy16
20Punt  by   John Walsh15
      =river view  by   S Kingman15
      =river stour  by   R Kingman15
      =MEN & DOGS  by   John Amey CPAGB15
      =LIFE AND DEATH  by   Varada Reddy15
      =Marlowe head  by   James Campbell15
      =STREET MUSICIAN  by   Brigita Amey15
      =STATUE DETAIL  by   Ignatius Mauceri15
      =West Gate  by   John Walsh15
29view of canterbury church  by   S Kingman14
      =london mugs  by   S Kingman14
      =lane in canterbury  by   R Kingman14
      =a lonely boat  by   R Kingman14
      =HERE'S TO CYCLING  by   Tony Mitchell14
      =flower  by   James Campbell14
      =Headstones  by   Martin Mitchell14
      =GARDEN SCULPTURE  by   Varada Reddy14
37mask of canterbury  by   R Kingman13
      =STOPPING FOR LUNCH  by   Ignatius Mauceri13
      =where ever I lay my head  by   James Campbell13
      =mask  by   S Kingman13