Picset 3Picset 3


JUDGE:- Date:- 30/10/2014
Posn Title and Author Score
1ALDGATE STATION  by   Martin Mitchell20
      =WATCHING THE WORLD GO BY  by   Martin Mitchell20
3LITTLE OWL (ATHENE NOCUA 0572  by   Jim Pocknell (47)19
4OYSTERCATCHER  by   Jim Flanagan18
      =TURKMANBASHI MOSQUE  by   Tony Mitchell18
      =TRAVELLING THE SUBWAY  by   Martin Mitchell18
      =GHERKIN AND LEADENHALL  by   Martin Mitchell18
8DEEP IN THOUGHT  by   Brigita Amey17
      =EUROPEAN EAGLE OWL (BUBO BUBO) 0736  by   Jim Pocknell (47)17
      =JAY (GARRULUS GLANDARIUS) 1557  by   Jim Pocknell (47)17
      =Hiding  by   John Walsh17
      =THE RACING LINE  by   Barry Scott17
      =digone alley  by   R Kingman17
      =PEACOCK  by   Brigita Amey17
      =STARLING  by   Jim Flanagan17
      =THREE MUSHROOMS  by   Ignatius Mauceri17
      =TWO OTTERS  by   Ignatius Mauceri17
18WALL CERAMICS  by   John Amey CPAGB16
      =FEED US  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB16
      =TWO PARROTS  by   Ignatius Mauceri16
      =Still Shooting Film  by   John Walsh16
      =BOOKS SKYHIGH  by   S Kingman16
      =THANKS BE TO ALLAH  by   Tony Mitchell16
      =JADE  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB16
      =St Helens of Bishopsgate  by   R Kingman16
      =WHICH ONE  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB16
      =SILK CARPET WEAVING  by   Tony Mitchell16
      =SAINT RICHARD OF CHICHESTER   by   Jim Flanagan16
      =PAINTING BROLLIES  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB16
30RP-4  by   Ravi Ponnapah15
      =Grain Power Station  by   John Walsh15
      =dog drink  by   S Kingman15
      =GENTOO PENGUINS  by   John Amey CPAGB15
      =SPARE PARTS   by   Jim Flanagan15
      =GLASS  by   Brigita Amey15
      =LUSITANO HORSE  by   John Amey CPAGB15
      =SLEEPING PIG  by   John Amey CPAGB15
      =TWO ROSES  by   Ignatius Mauceri15
      =Thames Barge Marjorie  by   John Walsh15
      =lloyd front  by   S Kingman15
      =DESERT LIZARD  by   Tony Mitchell15
      =GREEK ORTHODOX CRUCIFIX  by   Brigita Amey15
      =flower with insects-  by   James Campbell15
44St Leonards  by   James Campbell14
      =RP-3  by   Ravi Ponnapah14
      =RP-1  by   Ravi Ponnapah14
      =BARN OWL (TYTO ALBA) 0875  by   Jim Pocknell (47)14
      =two phone  by   S Kingman14
      =High and dry-  by   James Campbell14
      =three buildings  by   R Kingman14
      =lloyds building  by   R Kingman14
      =TWIN TOWERS  by   Barry Scott14
53RP-2  by   Ravi Ponnapah13
      =EYE ON GRID  by   Barry Scott13
      =WE ARE THE MODS  by   Barry Scott13
56daliahs  by   James Campbell12