Picset 1Picset 1


JUDGE:- Date:- 09/05/2015
Posn Title and Author Score
1DELICATE CAP FUNGUS  by   Martin Mitchell20
2OPENING POPPY  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB19
3ROBIN SINGING IN THE MORNING  by   Martin Mitchell18
4SPRING IS COMING!  by   Ignatius Mauceri18
5SNOWDROP  by   John Amey CPAGB17
      =BLACKTHORNE IN SPRING  by   Ron Ward17
      =BINDWEED FLOWER  by   Ron Ward17
8BARN OWL (Tyto alba) 1122  by   Jim Pocknell (47)16
      =HEDGEHOG (Erinaceus europaeus) 6548  by   Jim Pocknell (47) 216
      =DUNNOCK IN SPRING  by   Martin Mitchell16
      =BLUEBELLS AT HOLE PARK  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB16
      =LANNER FALCON 2  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB16
      =BUZZ AT PLAY 7132  by   Jim Pocknell (47)16
14About to Open  by   Janice Anderson15
      =THREE WOLVES IN SCOTLAND  by   Ron Ward15
      =THREE CHEETAH CUBS  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB15
      =PELICAN PORTRAIT  by   Ignatius Mauceri15
      =MARE & FOAL DRINKING  by   John Amey CPAGB15
      =Caught me  by   Janice Anderson15
      =YOUNG KING PENGUIN  by   John Amey CPAGB15
21Purple Glory  by   Janice Anderson14
      =SNOW LEOPARD  by   Ignatius Mauceri14
      =HONEY BEE  by   Jim Flanagan14
      =ELEPHANT SEAL  by   John Amey CPAGB14
      =Austrich in Africa  by   Ravi Ponnappah14
      =HERON PORTRAIT  by   Ignatius Mauceri14
      =Am I Handsome  by   Janice Anderson14
      =OYSTERCATCHER  by   Jim Flanagan 14
      =RESTING TEAL  by   Martin Mitchell14
30Mother and Cubs Playing  by   Ravi Ponnappah13
      =Lion in Africa  by   Ravindran13
      =LITTLE EGRET  by   Jim Flanagan13
      =BEARDED REEDLING (Panurus biarmicus) 7726  by   Jim Pocknell (47)13
      =FALLOW DEER  by   Ron Ward13
      =COMMA POLLYGONIA  by   Tony Mitchell13
36WILD FEMALE IBEX DEAD SEA  by   Tony Mitchell12
      =BLUE TIT  by   Jim Flanagan12
      =PICNIC THIEF  by   Tony Mitchell12
      =Chita in Africa  by   Ravindran12
      =FUNGUS (COPRINELLUS)  by   Tony Mitchell12