Picset 1Picset 1


JUDGE:- Date:- 03/10/2014
Posn Title and Author Score
1AT THE SEASIDE  by   Ignatius Mauceri20
2RUSTIC WINDOW  by   Brigita Amey20
4BUTTERFLY ON FLOWER  by   Ignatius Mauceri19
      =SEEN BETTER TIMES  by   R Kingman19
6CHORA, ASTIPALIA  by   Brigita Amey18
      =Ready for Harvest  by   John Walsh18
      =SITTINGBOURNE STEAM  by   R Kingman18
      =RUNNING LIGHTS  by   Les Wollaston18
      =SHEPPEY BRIDGE  by   James Campbell18
      =TALL LIGHT  by   S Kingman18
      =MOHAMED  by   Tony Mitchell18
13HEREFORD CATHEDRAL  by   Brigita Amey17
      =RANSCOMBE POPPIES  by   Martin Mitchell17
15PUFFIN (FRATERCULA ARCTICA) 4415  by   Jim Pocknell (47)16
      =NUTS!  by   Les Wollaston16
      =MAIDSTONE MELA  by   James Campbell16
      =GANNET (SULA BASSANA) 3568  by   Jim Pocknell (47)16
      =THE WIND SURFER  by   Jim Flanagan16
      =DAUBS ON MASONRY  by   John Amey CPAGB16
      =PAINTING 1  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB16
22Poppy Field  by   John Walsh15
      =DOORWAY TO SOMEWHERE  by   R Kingman15
      =CHERRY BLOSSOM  by   Martin Mitchell15
      =Ranscombe  by   John Walsh15
      =DRAGON  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB15
27I SAW 3 SHIPS  by   Martin Mitchell14
      =GULL IN FLIGHT  by   Jim Flanagan14
      =A STRAWBERRY & CREAM  by   Ignatius Mauceri14
      =Martello Tower  by   John Walsh14
      =JERSEY HEIFER  by   John Amey CPAGB14
      =ANTIQUE DOOR KNOCKER   by   Martin Mitchell14
33OYSTERCATCHER  by   Jim Flanagan13
      =SHAG FAMILY (PHALACROCORAX ARISTOTELIS) BM5K6574  by   Jim Pocknell (47)13
      =FENDERS  by   James Campbell13
      =LIDO STAIRS  by   Les Wollaston13
37VIEW FROM THE STRAND  by   Jim Flanagan12
      =MACAQUE MONKEY  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB12
      =MAUVE IN BLOOM  by   R Kingman12
40RED ADMIRAL  by   John Amey CPAGB11
      =KHIVA SUNSET  by   Tony Mitchell11
      =COUNTRY SCENE  by   Brigita Amey11
      =WHERE'S THE BIKE  by   S Kingman11
      =BURSTING POPPY  by   Ignatius Mauceri11
      =BARN OWL (TYTO ALBA) 1049  by   Jim Pocknell (47)11
46SUNSET  by   S Kingman10
      =OWL  by   James Campbell10
      =FORT PITT  by   S Kingman10
      =SMALL WHITE   by   Tony Mitchell10
      =LEAN ON ME  by   Les Wollaston10
      =ORCHID 1  by   Victor Cassar CPAGB10
      =HELOPHILIUS PENDULUS  by   Tony Mitchell10