Working with sRGB colour space

Just a short note to remind members to use the sRGB colour space when submitting images for digital projection.

A colour space is designed to allow you to edit images in a controlled, consistent manner. They simply describe the range of colours (or gamut) that a camera can see, a printer can print, or a monitor/projector can display.

The colour space used by the club projector is sRGB as stated in the competition rules on page 10 of the club handbook. So if you submit an image with a wider colour space (eg Adobe RGB), you stand a chance of the brighter colours in your image appearing blocked/washed out.

You may want to continue taking photos in the Adobe RGB colour space (as most printers can print in this wider gamut). However, you should make a copy of the image and convert that to sRGB for projection (or if you are going to display your image on a website).

You can change the colour space used by Adobe Photoshop by clicking Edit and then Color Settings.

Alternatively, you may want to use the Edit menu’s Convert to Profile command to convert the image to sRGB. (Note: When you use the Save for Web and Devices command, a Convert to sRGB check box in that dialog lets you convert colours to sRGB, so that you don’t have to remember to use Convert to Profile in advance.)

Another option is a Photoshop Action that can be downloaded from the KCPA website that will resize and convert to sRGB ready for projection. You can find this at

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