Exhibit 1
Vic Cassar (CPAGB) explains all about the club at our annual exhibition.
exhibit 2
Graham Miles (ARPS) from Whistable camera club visits our stand.

Thank you to all our visitors to the exhibition today (Saturday 12th July 2014) and a special “thank you” to those who signed up for a year’s membership. I was most impressed with the enthusiasm and passion for photography that is out there. We had a huge range of visitors. Some totally inexperienced and some people who had been involved in photography for some time. We had at least one professional photographer who said worked for the Daily Mail and was most impressed with the quality our photographs. He commented favourably on the deck-chairs picture “Windy Day” by Ignatius and on Derek’s picture “Elevated Walkway-Edingburh”. ¬†We had numerous visitors from other camera clubs including a significant number of former members. It was good to see them joining Reflex again. Welcome back!

We also had a great deal of interest in the voting for a favourite picture with some visitors taking a great deal of time and care to choose. With one more day of the exhibition to go we cannot yet state which picture is going to come out as the visitors favourite. Suffice to say, for now, that there are three pictures which appear to be significantly more popular than the rest! Keep voting folks! We will declare the winner very soon after the exhibition and a free print will be coming your way.

Apologies to those who told us that we are doing too many competitions and also to those who are told us the very opposite! This year’s committee is committed to pleasing as many of our members as possible and to tweeking our programme as appropriate.

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