Opening night and discovery day challenge

Thursday 4th September was the first night of the 2014-15 season. It was nice to see so many new faces as well as returning members.

The evening started with a power-point presentation explaining the forthcoming season including competition rules and explanations. Although there were some “power-point malfunctions” (i.e. errors) the more established members were always at hand to help explain the club rules and regulations.

After our usual tea break (including sandwiches) we spent time viewing some of the inspirational images from last season’s authors.

The feedback from the evening was very encouraging with several of the new members offering advice on future evenings and events – definite food for thought.

Sunday 7th September was the “discovery day challenge” in Canterbury. For most of the morning reflex members spent time in small groups investigating Canterbury and looking for new photographic angles on familiar landmarks.

Reflex in Canterbury 2     Reflex in Canterbury

10 Members met up for lunch at midday (with added liquid refreshment) followed by a larger group decamping to St Martin’s church and later the cathedral.

Once again, it was great to see some of the newer members on the day and look forward to seeing everyone’s entries for the discovery day challenge.

Martin Mitchell


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