Studio Lighting evening

The last Reflex Photographic club meeting was a great success.

Guitar 1Long-standing club member and founder, Vic Cassar, gave a practical demonstration of the use of studio flash light set-up. Vic explained how the studio lights could be set up for the most appropriate lighting of our table top models (more on these later) and explained how to set the most appropriate shutter speed and aperture for the lighting available.

After this, members were encouraged to try their hand at photographing the desk top set-ups using their own cameras; with the help of Vic’s guiding hand.

We also had a “constant lighting” set up so that members could get the feel for the different methods of lighting a scene as well as appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The evening proved to be very interesting and was also a great opportunity for members to ask advice and help with their own cameras and set-ups.

A very special thank-you must go out to Les Wollaston for providing some very detailed models for us to photograph. These included scale models of cars, guitars, fantasy figures and even life size guitars! Many members commented on the astonishing detail in these models.

All in all this was a successful evening, thanks in no small part to Vic and Les’ support.

Martin Mitchell.

Chairman, Reflex Photographic Club.

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