Marrutt printing evening.

Last night at the Reflex Photographic Club was a true “print fest”.

We had a superb evening courtesy of John Read from Marrutt, a professional inkjet and paper company based in East Sussex. John started the evening with a brief description of Marrutt’s history from cabinet making, darkroom equipment and finally to the professional inkjet inks and papers that are the mainstay of the companies trade.

This was followed by an informative session on “darkroom style” printing from an inkjet printer. John finished off with a demonstration of the new Pro Photomount system for displaying prints and a Question and Answer session.

The evening was further enhanced by the sale of discounted Marrutt papers and Pro Photomounts, before the official “Black Friday”.

It was also very nice to see so many members from other local Photographic clubs on the night, a chance to speak to other photographic enthusiasts. I hope you found the evening as entertaining as the Reflex members did. I hope we can have similar evenings in the future.


Martin Mitchell

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