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Images for Victory Cup (January 2016)

WISTERIA WALL by Martin Mitchell WINDOW VIEW by Sid Kingman WE'LL PRINT AND BE DAMNED by Tony Clayton.jpg THEM THERE EYES by Brigita Amey THEM THERE EYES by Brigita Amey (4) THE SWEEPING SMILE by Tony Clayton.jpg THE SQUABBLE by Tony Clayton.jpg THE INMATE by Martin Mitchell THE DARK HEDGES, ANTRIM by Brigita Amey THAMES BARRIER by Sid Kingman TAKING THE CORNER by Ignatius Mauceri STARLING by Jim Flanagan (1) ST AUGUSTINES ASYLUM GHOST by Martin Mitchell SS PANZER by Steve Martin SPOON REFLECTION by Ignatius Mauceri SHARPES GREEN by Jim Flanagan


RIVER VIEW (MEDWAY) by John Amey CPAGB RECULVER TOWER AT DUSK By John Walsh RECULVER SUNDOWN By John Walsh RACING AT LE MANS By John Walsh PUFFIN (Fratercula arctia) 0487 by Jim Pocknell (47) PRESSED FLOWERS by Brigita Amey PHEASANT VISITING GARDEN (Phasianus colchicus) by John  Amey CPAGB PBY 5 CATALINA by Steve Martin OTTER SWIMMING (LUTRA LUTRA) by John Amey CPAGB OTTER (Lutra lutra) 2291 by Rosemary Woolmer ORIENTAL SMALL CLAWED OTTER ( Amblonyx cinerea) 9099 by Jim Pocknell (47) ORANGE MUSTANG AT DRUIDS by John Walsh OLD HARRY ROCKS 3507 by Rosemary Woolmer NEPALESE MELA DANCER by Martin Mitchell MOTHER AND CHILD by Varada Reddy MOSTAR BRIDGE by Brigita Amey MEDWAY by Sid Kingman MARENGHI SHOWMANS ORGAN by Steve Martin MALLARD DUCK IN FLIGHT by Jim Flanagan MALLARD (ANAS PLATYRHYNCHOS) By Adam Williams LONDON BUILDING by Adam Williams In the Blue by Janice Anderson HAVING A REST by Janice Anderson HARVEST MOUSE(Micromys minutus) 2409 by Rosemary Woolmer GIRAFFE (GIRAFFA CAMELOPARDALIS) By Adam Williams GIANT HOGWEED IN A FIELD OF LAVENVER by John Amey  CPAGB ENTRANCE by Varada reddy


DONKEY (Equus africanus asinus) 3009 by Rosemary Woolmer DOME by Varada reddy CYCLAMEN EGG by Ignatius Mauceri BLUE SMOKE TRAIL  by Ignatius Mauceri BIKE by Varada reddy BATTLE OF BRITAIN by Sid Kingman BARNACLED GAS BOTTLE by Steve Martin BALL IN HAND by Tony Clayton.jpg


4_Tony-Mitchell_Victory-Cup-2015_A-WALK-IN-THE-COUNTRY 3_Tony-Mitchell_Victory-Cup-2015_WASH-AND-BRUSHUP 2_Tony-Mitchell_Victory-Cup-2015_MARKET-VENDOR 1_Tony-Mitchell_Victory-Cup-2015_FAUNA-AND-FLORA

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