Vic Cassar Cup – Prints

 Vic Cassar Cup – Prints

 This represents the second (PL2) of three print competitions of the Print League.

It was judged by Robin Harmsworth

  Rovinj copy (print comp)-by Brigita Amey

1st Courtyard, Rouinj by Brigita Amey

 A STUMPING GOOD TRY by Tony Clayton

2nd A stumping good try! by Tony Clayton

 ON THE LINE by Ignatius Mauceri

3rd On the line by Ignatius Mauceri

 From Greenwich To Canary Wharf by John Walsh

HC From Greenwich to Canary Wharf by John Walsh

 Thank you to the above members for doing so well and all those who submitted prints  for this competition.

The full score sheet for this competition is available from the “Members only” section.

The cumulative score sheet for both rounds of the print league can also be viewed from the “Members only ” section.


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