Medway Cup Digital 2015-16 DL3 -awards

 Medway Cup Digital 2015-16  DL3 -awards

 This represents the third (DL3) of three digital competitions of the Digital League.

It was judged by Ray Bridges

 1st: Little Owl by Jim POcknell

LITTLE OWL (Athene nocua) 2565 by Jim Pocknell (47)

2nd: Bloody Dispute by Tony Clayton

BLOODY DISPUTE by Tony Clayton


3rd: Bowled Off Stump by Tony Clayton

BOWLED, OFF STUMP by Tony Clayton


HC: Harvest Mouse by Jim Pocknell


HARVEST MOUSE (Micromys minutus) 6878 by Jim Pocknell (47)






HC: Jay by Jim Pocknell

JAY (Garrulus glandarius) 3635 by Jim Pocknell (47)

 Thank you to the above members for doing so well and all those who submitted images for this competition.

The full score sheet for this competition is already available in our Face-Book page and will also be available from  the “Members only” section.

The cumulative score sheet of the digital  league will shortly be available for viewing from the “Members only ” section and is already available from our Face-Book page.

March 2016-Ignatius




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