Images for Ken Hayward 2015-16 (DPI)

OTTER SWIMMING by John Amey CPAGB WASP AND SHIELD BUG ON CRANESBILL by Brigita Amey THIS SEAT IS RESERVED! by Ignatius Mauceri THE KING OF THE BUSH by Felicity Brokke CPAGB THE BARBARY LIONESS by Steve Martin SPRING BLOSSOM by Ignatius Mauceri SPINEY THISTLE by Tony Mitchell SMALL CREATURES HOME by Michelle Hayes Skeleton of Hump Backed Whale, Deception Island,  Antarctica. by Brigita Amey SINGLE BLUEBELL by Martin Mitchell REDSHANK Tringa totanus ELMLEA by Tony Mitchell RED FOX (Vulpes vulpes) 2516 by Rosemary Woolmer RAINDROPS ON FLOWER by Janice Anderson PRETTY POLLY by Felicity Brokkke CPAGB PRAIRIE DOG by Tony Clayton.jpg POM POM PRIMULA by Elisabeth Smith POLLENATOR by Tony Mitchell PISAURA MIRABILIS  by Tony Mitchell OTTER (Lutra lutra) 2313 by Rosemary Woolmer MAGNOLIA by Varada Reddy JUVENILE ROBIN by Tony Clayton.jpg HORNS OF THE STAGBEETLE by Steve Martin HIBISCUS by Varada Reddy HIBISCUS by Janice Anderson HEDGEHOG (Erinaceus europacus) 2456 by Rosemary Woolmer HAVING A REST by Janice Anderson HARVEST MOUSE (Micromys mimutus) 6496 by Jim Pocknell (47) HAREBELLS by Brigita Amey HAIRY FLY by Elisabeth Smith GROOMING by Brigita Amey GREY HERON by John Amey CPAGB.jpeg GREY COMMON BONNET FUNGI by Tony Clayton.jpg GREEN WOODPECKER AT BIRD TABLE by John Amey CPAGB GREAT GREY OWL (Strix nebulose) 1623 by Jim Pocknell (47) GOLDEN EAGLE (Aquila chrysaetos) 0519 by Jim Pocknell (47) FULL BLOOM CLAMATIS by Varada Reddy FLORA & FAUNA by Ignatius Mauceri FEEDING TIME by Janice Anderson EUROPEAN LYNX AND PREY by Martin Mitchell DAFFODILS - EASTER 2016 by John Amey CPAGB. jpeg COWSLIP by Martin Mitchell CLAMITIS by Varada Reddy BLUEBELL WOOD IN MOTION by Martin Mitchell BLUEBELL HAZE by Felicity Brokkke CPAGB BLUEBELL by Elisabeth Smith BLOWING IN THE WIND by Ignatius Mauceri BLOSSOM ABUNDANCE by Elisabeth Smith BLOODY DISPUTE by Tony Clayton.jpg BEAUTIFUL BLUEBELLS by Felicity Brokkke CPAGB BARN OWL (Tyto alba) 0538 by Jim Pocknell (47) BALD EAGLE 4 by Steve Martin BADGER (Meles meles) 2469 by Rosemary Woolmer