Vic Cassar Cup ( Images of the Prints)

WHITE STORK (CICONIA CICONIA) by John Amey CPAGB TODAY AND TOMORROW by ron ward THE KISS by Bert Gilchrist THE FORT by Martin Mitchell Sunflower by Ignatius Mauceri- SOW THISTLE by ron ward SINGING ROBIN by Steve Martin Rovinj copy (print comp)-by Brigita Amey PHEASANT ON A WALL By Martin Mitchell PETER by John Amey CPAGB ON THE LINE by Ignatius Mauceri MINOLTA by Ignatius Mauceri Milk-bottle tulip 2a by Ignatius Mauceri Laburnham by Bert Gilchrist KRKR NATIONAL PARK by Brigita Amey KING PENGUIN COLONY, SOUTH GEORGIA by John Amey CPAGB IGUASSU FALLS by John Amey CPAGB.jpg Holly 004 print comp-by Brigita Amey Gunners View by John Walsh Greenwich Door by John Walsh From Greenwich To Canary Wharf by John Walsh FEMALE SPARROW by Steve Martin EVEN BONNY AND CLYDE NEED A TEA BREAK By Martin Mitchell ENTERTAINER by ron ward CYCLING PAST THE LEADENHALL BUILDING by Martin Mitchell BROWN PALM-WARBLER by Tony Clayton Bombed Out Shelter Gdansk. by John Walsh BLACK HEADED GULL by Steve Martin AUTUMN WALK by ron ward albania_24167538095_o-by  Brigita Amey ADMIRER by Bert Gilchrist A VISION IN PINK (Morris Dancer) by Tony Clayton A STUMPING GOOD TRY  by Tony Clayton