Carey Roberts Cup PLR1 2021 – 2022

Carey Roberts Cup was held held on 18 November 2021 Judge: Di Long LRPS CPAGB

A very enjoyable evening with Di Long LRPS CPAGB as the Judge, her comments were fair and constructive pointing out to members the errors they had made whilst taking/post processing their images so they can try to avoid them next time, this all helps to improve our members photography along with improving the quality of the images for Reflex Photographic Club to enter in external competitions.

a still life image of a vase with blossom in plus a Butterfly, this image came 1st a the competition
1st place Blossom and Butterfly by Janis Spice
Hannah, a portraight of a young woman that has a paint splash texture effect added to it, this image achieved 2nd place in the competition
2nd place Hanna by member No. 6
Relaxing In The Grass, a deer laying down in the grass,cachieved 1st place in the competition
3rd place Relaxing in the Grass by Gary Botten
Heron catching a fish, this image achieved
Highly Commended Heron by member 22
man in a 2 wheeled  trap being pulled along by a horse on the beach
Highly Commended The Driver by Gary Bolten