19th July 2023

Well here goes with my first blog and I’ve nothing special in mind to share other than to give you an insight into a great day photographing bugs and butterflies. Now some may not see the enjoyment in travelling to a nature reserve and walk for miles (with the phone off), get stung by insects and stinging nettles just to get a side view of a Red Admiral using a Macro lens. I must admit that my skills as a Ninja are not the greatest so approaching a resting butterfly with the stealth and poise of a hunting cheetah is something my mind tells me I can do.

However dodgy knees and an expanding waistband tell me otherwise and inveriably despite the best of intentions I do tend to ‘belly flop’ at the last second scattering all wildlife within a 20 metre radius. I have developed a system whereby if I stay there some of the wildlife will return probably in wonderment as to what is lying in their habitat meaning I can snap away and capture some interesting images. Using my newly found cunning skills of belly flopping and a very expensive macro lens does enable me to indulge in what has become a passion for macro wildlife.

These are some of the images I managed visiting the Phyllis Currie Nature Reserve near Great Leighs in Essex. I hope you enjoy my rambling both physically and verbally and let me know if there is anything you would like me to discuss.