Novice Cup Rules

Novice Cup


A full explanation of the rules can be found in the Information Booklet.


The competition organiser has discretion to exclude images if the total entry exceeds 80. He/she will use the members’ rankings on their file names to determine the images to leave out, namely image number 4 will be the first taken out then 3rd etc. There are no ranking for the Clash of Titans for which separate rules will apply. Two pictures that differ simply because of manipulation such as cropping, cloning and filtering should be deemed to be one image.


Digital Competition Rules:

Digital files should comply with the KCPA format. Currently this requires: –

  • JPEG format file extension lower case:  .jgp
  • 1400 pixels wide X 1050 pixels high
  • Titled as the following example – THE SKY AT NIGHT by Patrick Moore CPAGB x ( where x = a number 1, 2, 3, 4; according to your image preference)
  • Colour space : sRGB

Novice Cup Rules:

  • Novice CupThe cup is open to all members who have not previously gained a first place award in a Reflex PC competition.  This includes the Novice Cup itself but excludes the Small Print competition. Cups will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.Maximum of four images per member.The competition is open to DPI images.

    All images entered are eligible for other competitions subject to the rules of those competitions.

    Images entered in this competition do not qualify for entry to the Clash of Titans; however; images may be entered for other competitions and will qualify if they score 19 or 20 in that competition. 

If in doubt about any rules or regulations please contact the competition organiser for clarification.