Images for the Victory Cup (Digital league, Round 3)

WINDOW PANE DETAIL by Brigita Amey KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Willow my next door neighbours cat by Janice Anderson WHO'S THERE by Ignatius Mauceri VINEYARD, TENERIFE by John Amey CPAGB UP, UP AND AROUND by Ignatius Mauceri unknown flower by James Campbell TOWER OF LONDON POPPIES 6849 by Jim Pocknell (47) three arches by S Kingman THE LlOYDS BIULDING LONDON  by Jim Flanagan The Horse Show Brittany France by Martin Mitchell Sunrise looking from Rochester bridge by Janice Anderson sunflower by James Campbell Single Fungi by John Walsh plate funga by S Kingman Created with Nokia Smart Cam Pencil Zip by John Walsh OFF DUTY by Tony Mitchell MARA by Ignatius Mauceri KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA MALLARD DUCK WITH CHICKS by Jim Flanagan LOW TIDE ON RIVER MEDWAY by John Amey CPAGB LEAST WE FORGET by Victor Cassar CPAGB KNIDOS, TURKEY by John Amey CPAGB KINGSNORTH POWER STATION by Jim Flanagan KING PENGUINS, SOUTH GEORGIA by John Amey CPAGB HOVERFLY ON SLOE by Tony Mitchell HEDGEHOG (ERINACEUS EUROPAEUS) 1209 by Jim Pocknell (47) HARVEST MOUSE (MICROMYS MINUTUS) 1181 by Jim Pocknell (47) happy stone face by R Kingman KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA FRIDAY PRAYERS by Tony Mitchell FLY AGARIC Amanita muscaria by Tony Mitchell Fishing Boat by John Walsh Ferrari 458 at Le Mans by John Walsh Cruxiform Pond by Martin Mitchell Cruising down river from Rochester by Janice Anderson Cologne Cathedral and Christmas Market by Martin Mitchell CHRISTOS PANTOCRATOR, MONREALE, SICILY by Brigita Amey Caerphilly Castle by Janice Anderson bouganvillia by James Campbell bodiam castle by S Kingman bodiam castle by R Kingman bird of paradise by James Campbell BABY TAWNY OWL (STRIX ALUCO) 1264 by Jim Pocknell (47) autumn trees by R Kingman autum tree by S Kingman ANTARCTIC SKYLINE by Brigita Amey ALTAR PIECE, HUNDERDWASSER CHURCH by Brigita Amey ABANDONED by Ignatius Mauceri a view through trees by R Kingman 2 Cap Fungi by Martin Mitchell