Small Print Rules

Small Print Competition

A full explanation of the rules can be found in the Reflex Handbook.

The Small print competition is an informal print competition held in conjunction with the Reflex Christmas party.

Prints for this social evening can be brought on the night. The general print competition rules do not apply.

Small Print Competition

  • Maximum size A4 inclusive of mount. Can be top mounted ie not window.
  • Maximum entry is four prints per member whether colour, monochrome or both.
  • There will in effect be two competitions: One for the colour prints and another for the monochrome prints. A first, second, and third will be awarded for each of these.
  • There will be an entry fee of £3.00 per person. Light snacks and drinks will be provided by the club subject to the agreement of the Committee.
  • Any print that comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd shall not be entered again into this competition.
  • Associate members are eligible to enter this competition.
  • Images entered in this competition do not qualify for entry to the Clash of Titans.

If in doubt about any rules or regulations please contact the competition organiser for clarification.