Victory Cup DLR 3 2021-2022

A very good Evening with Judge Kevin Bell “LRPS” he was given a hard task with the amount of good images to choose from and he gave constructive comments on the images, this was an unusual evening when he came to marking as. Kevin wanted to also have 3 Commended images along with the normal 1st, 2nd, 3rd. & 2 Highly Commended.

First Place – The King by JanisJanice Spice

2nd place – Whites Tree Frog by David Ellis

3rd place – The Tree Wanaka by Alison Small

Highly Commended – Sailing – by Gary Botten

Highly Commended – Beach Trees by Janis Spice

Commended – Kingfisher with Fish – by David Ellis

Commended – The Girl From the Hamar Trip by Alison Small

Commended – Harvest Mouse by Rosemary Woolmer

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